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… “A Jewish word?” “Yiddish. Like schmuck.” “What does it mean schmuck?” ”Someone who does something that you don’t agree with is a schmuck.” “Teach me another.” “Putz.” “What does that mean?” “It’s like schmuck.” “Teach me another.” ”Schmendrink.” “What does that mean?” “It’s also like schmuck.” “Do you know any words that are not like schmuck?” He pondered for a moment. “Shalom,” he said, ”which is actually three words, but that’s Hebrew, not Yiddish. Everything I can think of is basically schmuck. The Eskimos have four hundred words for snow, and the Jews have four hundred for schmuck.”
Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

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rosgani asked: Hi Paul, my name Rosgani from Indonesia, I visit your website and I read the article "Grumblr Goes Public". Can I install Grumblr on Knoppix? Since I'm a newbie in Linux. Thanks and warm regards -rosgani-

Hi Rosgani,

Thanks for your interest to Grumblr.

The short answer is yes, you can install Grumblr on any Linux system with ruby language interpreter and GTK headers.

The bad news is that recent version of Grumblr is broken after Tumblr has pulled off its older API. I’m going to rewrite the application to support API v2 but I don’t know when I have time for that.